Travel to amazing people see things walk around never had I ever dreamed smoking guns hang from the chimney with whom do you swear you were with last night at approximately ten o’clock? Stuck in jail, abandoned by all. Found again by everyone, good as new. A bright shining star, with a few dents. If you wish upon that star, you will travel near and far. I like the odds. It’s comfy.


Real Talking

Real talking goes both ways it’s conversing communication I’m interested in you and your life I’m glad you are interested in me I’m interested in telling you about me and my life so it goes not just polite but engaged and can I do anything for you and is there something we can do together I hope so because I like you and you are important to me

Created Beauty, Destroyed

Create from nothing, a body and soul, with a spirit inside, the image of God; and animals, with the spirit in them; though this fallen world makes some animals violent, sick or neglected. It’s a shame really, and our soil, water and air are all becoming polluted and unclean. Do you think there is any hope for the earth? Violent crime is lower than ever but people are being imprisoned for drugs at a record high. It’s big business for the criminals and the government. Howard Thurman said that institutions do what is in their interest, even churches; so, I say the government is prosecuting drug possession like it’s murder, in order to perpetuate itself.

A Love Letter to Your Soul

Same no name strange frame insane maim vain no way I’m not gay I long for rest after a stressful journey a soft pillow for my head and a warm blanket on my bed oh how grand it will be when I wake up with you beside me! Love comes in many shapes and sizes, many kinds of faces, many hearts and souls and yours is a blessing to my spirit selah

Heaven Inside

Angel bring my friend back to this world no he is happier now so help me to use my feelings of loss to help those I know and love in their loss, grief, sadness and other struggles we all deal with every now and then I need to weep and then gather my friends and family like a hen to her chicks at least in my prayers peace flows like a river in my heart and soul and I am a lonely beggar suffering from my own sins inside yes hell is a place that I visit from time to time and my heart is lifted up to God and touches heaven for a few moments and I sense His grace and truth pass through me