A Look Around

Map marriage lost cackle barn dock space build hill car ostrich gate grass tool rust puddle hose miscreant clothesline sheets laundry detergent water fabric softener washer dryer not no neither only one refrigerator apple juice lemonade fat free milk rice cooked tortillas cheese jelly catsup relish mayonnaise cottage cheese peach chunks pear slices microwave cabinet floor wood plastic paper birdcages horses helmets closets jackets special head winders likely bedposts blankets fireplace firewood lighter flowerpots table barbecue grill plants wind chimes hot water heater freezer chicken legs pork chops hog jowls pigs’ feet steak old cooked meatloaf with sauce on top soup taco vegetable broth chili fifteen bean ice cream sandwiches door bed cat stand cat bowl chair blanket sheet bed pillow bookshelf books papers Cpap paint brushes cups baskets boxes graduation attire cap and gown mask painted glue shorts T-shirts coke bottles bulletin board wallet keys inhalers medication file folders lamps flashlight batteries business appointment cards pens coins cat litter boxes dog beds dirt dust flying saucers planets moons stars ships ocean sun dams lakes railroads mountains valleys skyscrapers subways stores bakeries clothing sundry smooth walking verge dorm room fire extinguishers elevators fire alarm rain four o’clock in the morning church altar organ choir loft fellowship hall.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger

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