The Cube: Ch. 3, The Cube

As the boy hugged the cube, his head started to sink into the cube, at first just making a dent in the wall, then starting to pass through the wall. The boy didn’t seem alarmed, but I was sure he could suffocate if his head sunk into the cube much farther. I ran over to his wagon and picked up the toaster, then threw it at the front of the cube. The wall of the cube flexed back and forth, and the toaster bounced off and fell to the ground.

By now, the boy’s head was about halfway absorbed into the side of the cube. I was determined to help him. I took ahold of the handle to the wagon, and swinging the wagon towards the cube, I hoped to damage the cube. I don’t know if it was my adrenaline or the urgency with which I did it, but after the wagon hit and the wall flexed back and forth, the glass wall cracked.

A door opened at the top of the cube, and, walking up a stairway, a man emerged. He was bald, wore eyeglasses, and a white lab coat. He opened his mouth and a light shown out. He focused on the boy, shining the light on him. As soon as the light covered him, the boy disappeared. “Hey! What did you do to him?” I yelled. The man walked back down the stairs into the cube. Before the door closed, I hoisted myself up onto the cube with my hands, swinging my feet up onto the top.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger

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