Walking on a short path closed down perfect hour for dancing hell if I care! Knowledge carries me through acid rain do you know the secret password to the door on the right? Oh happy go lucky swing from the jungle gym eat a banana. How have the fish been biting, lately? Do you know the pee yew of the corkscrew table tennis album send pound laughing?


Scream Out Loud

Walking in a straight line.

Falling into a hole.

Crashing against steel doors.

Yelling at a foe.

Speaking with my last breath.

Stubbing hard my toe.

Stumbling on the sidewalk.

Crunching yummy Cheetos.

Dancing to a fast beat.

Jumping up and down.

Tossing back a cold one.

Cackling to a sound.

Do you hear the satire?

Do you see the clouds?

Do you feel the instinct?

Do you scream out loud?