So Loud´╗┐

Heh be done just done

When it comes to finally

A groan erupts From my body

I cannot stand it Living in such silly

No soul, no mind, no sign

Of compassion or humanity.

I don’t know how long I can stand

The eruptions, ironic ceremonies,

Below the belt commentaries.

It really disappoints to hear and see

The squabbles and serenity 

Depending on the night and day

Somebody even said it was the officer

Friendly being too friendly with a local

Lady whom he should have been taking to

The jail since the law from many ages ago

Enough about family so to speak to sing

Making the best of so many tragedies

Humph I gave it away could have been

Another’s story, perchance, nobody else

Could be as stupid as my family so loud

Jack Pink

Circles to boxes no matter how mum

Being in a nice room with no clutter

Invite everyone have a party relax get

Used to it have a happy hut strife they’ve

Been  there they had that slop

Incorporation meal trickle brick southern

Feet mall sick Alpha veteran could

Wooden shop elder Molly poll yack volt

Wall great delay ink toggle front good

Regal involuntary bug queen food ralk 

Rude fought walk poison group biggest

Yack  zoom green jack pink live happy

Tell ‘Em, Boss

Painting hunting at night over good

Meek get her done so what bourbon

It’s at the amnesiac triumphant big game

Nothing stupid but my constitution my

Resolution and been there nice gift gore

Analogous Cupid pantheon levitation

Jocular wanderlust tango Volkswagen

Underneath they use the I stand pudding

Okay right tell ‘Em boss you tell ‘Em

Junk Hip

Fix a loud muscle toad rankle optimum

Leer awe louvre Valium soothe amble

Roth teeth ground wound feet smite

Pole create varnish quite sight peanut

Need lead follow moth happy harbor

Keep flow friend goth juice plenty bib

Jocular dead zip bread green bellow

Pillow Bartholomew great dip junk hip


Separations give us time

To appreciate those we love.

We get shocked, angry, sad,

For you will be there

Holding someone’s hand

That you never expected

Would ever show up. 

The lost son returns.

The father is ecstatic.

Happy in his redemption,

The father wildly prepares

No amount is too much.

The son gets what he came for,

Then kills his mother,

And his sister and whomever

Sees the trail of blood.

He wants to cover his tracks

But the scene is too crazy.

The best is to leave,

Without any more tracks.

He tries to escape, without an alibi

That he can remember.

If I have to state my alibi,

It will be the same.

I have no idea when or where I was

At hardly anytime, as each day runs

Together. It is a very long blur.