Seek sap stir reap shallow
Underneath tallow review
Stab sorted stubble endure
Another rowdy swear cable

Evacuate cried continent
Gulf stem building tackle
Breed tart painting angle
Treatment roadblock inner

Radio realm invigorate step
Swap application hobble
Pine prove provoke itself
Round repeated swat tickle

Jangle jeans Japanese stop
Nerd nap nickel now knees
Never nip rip quip keep sip
Step tip ripe rip mitt spit

Type around kite mite lip
Stripe vice quell white rite
Marshmallow endear swipe
Beaming brought table amp

Gone wan wrap yellow at
Cat unnerving quadrangle
Knowledge sweet leaves peat
Pitcher stall window plain

Narrow crew stew mew new
Nice mic right ride lied sly
Mail quail Nile rile ale sale
Barrow alder mall out tide

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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