Slow and Smooth?

Lessons learned
From all the struggles
Of daily life
Contribute to a reticent
That leaks from our mouths
Like so much
Tobacco smoke
Breathed out of ones mouth
After deeply inhaling
A cigar.
The flavor is less satisfying,
But that depends how often
You’ve done it,
And whether or not
You know how to do it right.
Slow and smooth
Is probably a good tactic,
I would imagine,
But I wouldn’t know,
Since I have asthma.
Funny, I wonder if
I have a corresponding excuse
For not gaining wisdom?

Calling Up the Cavalry

Homeless, forsaken,
Shunned, so hard…
We have no idea
What it’s like, to really
Suffer. Or do we?
Do we live deep inside
Our own private hell,
Every day?
A torture chamber
That we have created,
With all our worries,
Doubts, fears, hates,
Insecurities, nervousness,
Jealousy, lust, greed,
The list goes on and on.
Do we know what it means
To really suffer?
Perhaps, more
Than we’d like to admit.
No surprise, then,
When heaven calls up
The cavalry
To deliver us
From ourselves.
I guess we need saving,
And then some.
And, just think:
I don’t even like to stop
And ask for directions!

The Season of Grace

So many worries on my mind.
Christmas is coming.
Friends wonder where I’ve been,
Family wonders when I’m coming.
So many shoes left untied.
So many hurts left unsoothed.
What are all the answers?
Conflict and drama abound,
Everyone seems unsatisfied
With something.
The darkness grows.
But deep in that darkness,
Just where you’d least expect it,
There is a light.
And that light grows,
And grows,
And grows.
Grace comes to sleep
In my tattered stable
This holy season.
The Christ child finds
A less than perfect home.
But he makes it perfect,
Just by his presence.
Please, Lord,
Help me remember
The reason
For the season!