Torn Between Two Worlds

Believers and non believers,
Right? Or wrong?
Or left?
Straight or gay?
Black or white?
Christian or atheist?
Jew or Gentile?
Intellectual or activist?
Proactive or reactive?
Caught in between
A rock and a knife.
A life of beauty
And the torment of hell.
Thoughts of today
Sometimes cloud over
Visions of the eternal.
Threatens healing,
And purity
Is tainted by worldliness.
To experience
Or to dream?
To be a visionary
Or to just be practical?
Life pulls us
Every which way.
It is a delicate balance,
Sharp as a razor,
With bottomless pits
On both sides,
Waiting to swallow up
Whomever is the next victim.
Eh, batter, batter!
Come on, batter!
Screams from the outfield
Mock us as we play,
As we fight with all our hearts,
Sometimes feeling like
We’re losing our minds.
Am I a hypocrite,
Because I challenge
And criticize
Those I love so dearly?
Am I a traitor,
Because I disagree
Yet I dine with sinners?
And what of the rulers,
The priests, the teachers?
The rich, young men
With all the sparkle in their eye,
Their future bubbling with potential?
Love God,
And love your neighbor.
Show mercy.
Be a part of the solution,
Not the problem.
Hang with the lepers,
The prostitutes,
The tax collectors,
The children.
Let them all
Come to me.
Take half a step forward,
And he will take three,
Because he loves you.
Treat everyone
With respect.
Do not worship any man.
Every kingdom
Will one day fall.
Between truth and love,
Choose love,
Because truth hides
In a misty cloud,
Invisible to all
But children
And the insane.
They see clearly,
As we fool ourselves
With lie after lie,
Wishing ourselves
Into a fantasy world
Full of temptation
And torture.
Come lay your burdens
By the riverside.
Be clean.
Be one with all.
It is all of us,
We are all the same,