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Stop stick strict howdy happen
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Happy creature lip wand weeping
Reed stork climb clobber click
Stipend steep stripes quietude
Life lacked lord leaked ricochet
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Man might mead muck leap
Pump pipe puke prop plop if
Ick Rock white tight type slight
Swat swipe write right light fight
Quite crap vat evacuate clip
Quack zap step hip hype lip
Fight wack plight flight zip wrap

Busy, But Happy

Anxious elephants stampede
Across my heart.
The tidal waves of rushing blood
Speed through my veins
To nowhere.

I cry a silent scream
Enveloped in marshmallow cream.
I smile because I have had
A very busy, but fulfilling day.
Can there be more to come?

As another poet has said,
“Let’s be weird together,”
As much as our inspiration
And adrenaline will take us.
Then, perhaps, after that

We will sleep.

Missing You

Missing you,
In body but not in spirit,
Shows me what I miss
About those happy times,
When we were together.
Thinking back
Over the years,
There were many good times,
Which made us closer,
As well as difficult ones,
Which made us stronger.
I value all the experiences
That we had together,
Because you are
Important to me.
You can never
Get all the years back,
All the time and distance
That lies between us.
But I know,
That whenever we
Are together again,
We will cherish that time,
And not take it for granted.
It’s so easy to get lost
In the business of life,
All the many distractions.
But please never forget
That I love you.

Away, But There


Far, far away,
Thinking of you.
Close in heart and mind,
Remembering times past.
Today I heard
What you were up to,
On this holiday.
I wished you well,
Full of hope,
But sad to be so distant.
I still hope, one day,
We can be together again,
Like so many others.
So, now, I make
A toast to your health,
And peace for your soul,
Until I see you again.

Too Carried Away


It’s funny, how,
We worry and worry
About something,
And then,
When something
Finally happens,
It turns out to be
What a strange mind I have.
Is this normal?
Not that I ever
Thought I was.
But isn’t it crazy
How something seems
Like this gargantuan monster
In our imagination,
Then it turns out
To be a little,
Mewing kitten?
Thank goodness,
For small miracles!

Taking Advice


I have never been good
At taking advice.
I over-analyze, and
My skeptical instinct
Wants to know,
What is the hidden agenda,
If there is one?
Why does this person
Want me to do this?
Is this wisdom,
Passed on in love?
Of course,
It depends who it is,
What I already know
About this person,
Whether they tend to be
Selfish, self-centered,
Or self-serving.
It depends if I detect
That I am being
Due to someone’s hang ups,
Confusion, prejudices,
Stereotypes, obsessions,
Fears, and such.
It is more difficult,
When some of these
Is common, in dealing
With this person,
But I truly believe
They are making
An attempt to help me.
Maybe they think
They are helping me,
But I just don’t agree.
And, if I disagree,
Then what?
I don’t like offending
Other people,
Especially loved ones,
Who also tend to be
The ones that offer
Advice the most.
What a quandary!
You would think,
Now that I am
Past forty, I would
Have all this figured out.

Doing My Part


Saturday, circles;
Bowing to the king.
My wallet appreciates, but
My heart suffers; or does it?
I struggle with whether
To do, or not to do.
They struggle; or do they?
Mixed messages, good and bad.
Where is my direction?
A mist rises, blocking sight.
I cannot tell which way to go.
Responsibility pulls me,
And I know that feeling.
I have been there before.
I was raised with a tuning fork
That keeps me in that key.
But where do the boundaries lie?
When do I say no?
Perhaps, never?
Maybe, to do what I’m told
Is my destiny. I am good at that.
But when does servanthood
Become servitude?

Between It


Simple sorrys bring back memories.
Sticks and things hover merrily.
Lewd tarantulas circumnavigate
Around seven long bottoms.

How danger came to high hill callers
Is a mystery to all the fathers.
Rings and strings attached at the belt rings.
Heaven happy tantalizing creatures

Crawl upward to the strange roofs.
Loud cooks cover capstones
On top of killjoy seekers.
Guessing only makes it sweeter.

Pillow hankies quiet down cannot dives,
But noose nappers clean apple boobs.
Sinking salmon cloud kick start Angels,
During duck queens ordered to run.

Whacking wolves wear underoos lots,
Then teepee larges leak lame diagonals.
Reading aloud to buried surgeries
Quite due for tricks beneath hell holes.

Long dainty mellow bunks prove all in.
Bellows squeeze quarter rains around
Willows wiping weed walkers waving.
Weaving wheel medium mouse quacks.

Quiver lame rudder clicks brokering
Bitter bickering brought belly mutts.
Mouths maybe much quills liking.
Lint orbs making marks between it.