Love this one, as I can relate. Feel this way a lot, really.

Poesy plus Polemics

"Alter Ego" Painting by Luis Duro From “Alter Ego”
Painting by Luis Duro

the world next door
behind my brain
mirror images
shimmer the
cranial ether
filling the space
in between us
the distance
dividing me here
from me there
one or both
of us real each
compelled by a
skeptic’s mistrust
turns away from
the other looking
off in opposing
directions of dreams
same but different
shared memories
spiked with conflicting
emotions one mind
with dissimilar
thoughts hiding
hard painful lines
metaphysical edges
the dual jagged blades
of antagony under
a single thin smile

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What We Don’t Know

Wise words. Perhaps, we need to ask God to change our hearts, so that our minds will be ready to accept where he is leading us.

Wordsmith's Desk

All too often, we inheritors of human nature, sum up people and situations with less than all of the facts. Even the word fact verses hearsay should be a concern. The news is hearsay, as well as what anyone tells us. How readily are conclusions formed on less than everything there is to know.

Then, there is the one clincher that we haven’t accomplished…walking a mile in someone’s shoes. You see, it’s not what we think we know, but what we don’t know that matters. There will always be blanks in our knowledge, but acceptance doesn’t require knowing with our minds…acceptance only asks us to believe with our hearts.

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