A Spooky Night


One night,
I walked out my front door,
And stepped…
On a knife.

What was a knife
Doing on my walkway?
That’s when I heard it:
Heavy breathing,

Behind me!
I thought quickly.
If I turn around
Really fast,

That wouldn’t work.
My next idea
Was to take off running.

So I did.
I ran and ran.
Even as I ran,
I could still hear it.

Heavy breathing!
As I passed by a tree,
I reached out
And broke off a limb.

It wouldn’t be much,
But I needed something
With which to defend myself.
I turned around, really fast,

And yelled out, “Ha!”
I didn’t see anyone behind me.
I looked down,
And there was my

Smiling golden retriever,
Buddy, panting away.
“You!” I shouted.
“You scared me

Half to death!”
Buddy just smiled
And wagged his tail.
He didn’t understand.

But I was relieved.
That’s when I thought of it.
The knife.
I knew there was a knife

On my walkway.
I walked, slowly,
Back to my walkway,
Trying to catch my breath.

I looked down,
Right where I had seen it.
There it was!
A dog comb.

I must have left it there,
Earlier that afternoon,
When I was out front,
Brushing Buddy.

All this Halloween stuff
Had gone to my head!
I went back inside,
And ate some candy,

That I had bought
For kids on Halloween.
At least this stupid holiday
Was good for something!


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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