To Dwell, or Not to Dwell?

Howdy, fella,
What’s up with you?
I’m right here
Watching the crowd go by.

What they say,
And what they do,
Don’t matter much
To me, anyway.

We worry too much
About the most
Trivial of things.

Why is that?
Why are we so concerned
About what another person
Says or does?

Yes, it matters,
For the moment,
But is it all that important,
At the end of the day?

In the span of our life,
These isolated occurrences
Monopolize our time
And energy, as if

It was major surgery,
Or a death in the family.
In fact, we probably
Worry more about it,

Than we do about
Major events.
It is true,
That how we treat each other

Adds meaning to our lives.
A great experience,
Or a really bad one,
Can build us up,

Or tear us down,
In ways that other events don’t.
Perhaps, we should
Take them very seriously.

But, after the fact,
We must realize,
There is nothing we can do
To change what happened.

All we can do,
Is learn, and move on.
Dwelling on them
Does not make things better.

On the flip side,
If we spend some time,
Thinking about something nice,
That will go much further

In making us feel
A whole lot better.
We should all try to do this.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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