Happy trial, stopped in flow.
Go, go, go, the last to know.
Me, then you, then both of us.
Can you tell the way I fuss?

Ending trite, I might come through.
Swivel me, and drivel you.
Holy cows and names in vain.
Waning truths believed again.

How to do the impossible:
Quite a challenge, then I throw
In the towel, running fro.
Do you solve it? Another bull.

Ending now, coming to a close.
Summarize the lies of those
Hoping fools in wishful thinking.
Truth is traded for desperate yearnings.

Ask if I can tell the difference.
Not sure of that, even inference.
Determine the delusion of the moment.
Close the door on the tangent.

Will we ever discover what
God would tell us,
Apart from our thoughts?
Maybe we will realize,

It’s all the same game,
We memorize.
Doubt claims truth,
Truth clings to doubt.

I sit here and pout.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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