Choosing to Love


Love is a difficult thing.
If it were easy,
More people would do it.
It involves

Coming out of our comfort zone,
Which most of us would admit,
If we’re honest,
We do not usually do willingly.

Perhaps that is why God allows pain.
We struggle to deal with
The problems of life,
And we grow because of it.

The pain is too much.
It crushes us.

I have to believe,
That in those times,
God is with us,
Weeping by our side.

But everyday struggles,
The daily stress of life,
Teaches us things,
Develops our character.

We share with each other,
We bond together,
When we reach out,
To give, or to receive.

We become closer to each other,
And closer to God.
God’s blessings
Are mysterious, sometimes.

God uses the worst experiences
To teach us about ourselves,
And about others.

When we choose to love,
To bless another,
We are the one
Who receives the greatest blessing.

God gave us a choice:
To love, or not to love.
When we make that choice,
The world becomes a better place,

And we become a better person.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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