Have You Stepped on God, Lately?


Of insight and foresight
And in between,
Make the going get rough.

Angels speaking
In our dreams
Confuse and intimidate.
Who’s to know?

God is one,
And all is one,
And all is God,
But, who is God?

It’s easier
To just make it
Through the day,

Clawing and scratching,
Whatever way works.
We just hold our breath,

And push ourselves through.
But, is God there with us,
Giving us strength?
Is he holding his breath, too?

Does he know,
What will happen?
I like to think so.

But sometimes,
God seems
More human than God:

A gentle carpenter,
A man who suffered
That we suffer,

And more,
Because he had the power
To end it all
With the snap of his fingers.

He laid himself down
For us to step on,
Track our muddy feet
On his face.

The shame of it all
Disgusts me.
How could we be so bold?
And yet we still do it,

Every day, don’t we?
When is the last time,
You stepped on Jesus?
Probably today.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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