Another Tomorrow


Sinking through something,
The bottom drops out,
And it all caves in.

Drooping faces,
Long frowns,
Sad clowns,
Hopeless cases.

But do,
Hope again!
Hold onto glimpses,
Shining beacons,

Parting clouds.
The sun shines again!
There is a tomorrow,
A morning after.

The great equalizer.
There are always
Ups, and downs.

So, don’t give up!
Keep remembering,
Once you fall,
And, again,

You get back up.
Just move on!
Climb out of that greasy pit
That you are wallowing in!

Come to your senses!
Get back in the game,
And smarter

Then ever before.
Get back on top!
You decide
What to do with your life.

Whether you stay here,
Or you learn,
You grow,
And you are the better

Because of it.
It is up to you.
What will you do
With tomorrow?


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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