Capture feelings in a jar.
Stare at endings from afar.
Look inside to tell the truth.
Lose your pride in what you do.

Long I sing of kingdom come.
Long I wait to see the Son.
Ever think it would be this?
Ever lose the one you miss?

Creatures keep my eyes ablaze.
Ringing thoughts congeal a haze.
Round a circle, tried and true.
Do you think I’m also you?

Let us go together, then.
Let’s hold hands like holy men.
If you hear the way to go,
Go there quickly, so I’ll know.

Tribes of heathens curly cue.
Blow a bomb and then they sue.
Who’s to blame doesn’t seem
That important in my dream.

Tightly type around a cloud.
Clothing elbows in a shroud.
Lots of love comes round the bend.
In a temple we are friends.

Follow every tip they give.
Wanting to be how they live.
Quarter chicken in a soup.
Exercise with hula hoop.

Rowdy rainbows find your face.
Rewind kindly at a pace.
Recognize the type it is.
Drink it up with quite a fizz.

Helping angels find your room.
Hiking up a mountain view.
Cooking lactose biscuit eyes.
Do you like it grilled or fried?

I like all I recognize.
You are tempting to my eyes.
Let’s chow down until we hurt.
Just explain a second birth.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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