A Trip to the Sea

Stepping slowly into the sea,
I feel a breeze blow on my face.
Wonder if I should be careful?
Wonder if I should be scared?

Is there someone coming here,
Watching me in this moment?
Maybe I should count my toes.
Maybe I should count to ten.

Will the rain fall on my day?
Will the words come I should say?
I think I will go for a swim.
I think I’ve decided not to worry.

Would you like to keep me company?
Would you like to go with me
Into town to see a movie?
Come with me and we shall see.

Have you been here before?
Are you from this city?
You don’t know what you are
Getting into when you’re with me.

Let’s go find a shell to carry.
Let’s see if we can decorate.
See if you can see the fish
In the sea all around me.

It has been a nice afternoon.
It is nice to be with family.
Maybe you can make a habit
Of coming to the sea with me.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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