Crashing close to comfort,
I ran the needle through.
Caught it on the other side,
Where my unsteady hand was waiting.

For just a moment,
I felt like I was in heaven,
But soon enough,
Reality returned to my perception.

Fools’ errands are made
By sillier men than me.
What was I thinking,
To try to outsmart fate?

To lay it all out
For the world to see,
To be so indecent,
What came over me?

I will promise myself,
Never to repeat my mistake.
I will be faithful to the truth,
And stop chasing the wind.

If only I could figure out
How to escape my destiny!
If only I could speak the truth,
Watching my words so carefully.

I will try to do better.
I will not jump at the latest fad.
I know there is more to life
Than being burned and getting mad.

What’s the point of taking chances
When there is such a sure thing
In the ways of learned wisdom,
Not one stupid, wild fling?

I will do according to the book
I was given as a child.
I will use careful speech
I will be so meek and mild.

Never will they recognize me
From my days of craziness.
Never will they think to fry me,
Like that day of reckoning.

I will be the opposite
Of my nearest tendency.
I will be something different.
I will set myself free!

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

One thought on “Temptation”

  1. There are many roads to choose. They are all your choices. The road of love is very strong. It is the hardest road to follow. Love Mom

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