Bringing Joy to Life

“Traveling to a torture chamber
In my head, I stop for a drink
And a smoke. Why must I
Always come to this?”

“Can’t do something fun
Without feeling guilty.
Can’t say something honest
Without feeling paranoid.”

To lead a good life,
You must accept that
There will be demons
On your shoulder

Every step of the way,
Trying to ruin it for you.
There is always a pro and a con
To everything worth doing.

The trick is not to ignore the cons,
Or obsess over the pros, or vice versa.
It is to accept both, and then to be
True to oneself as much as possible.

If I am true to my value of love
For myself and for another,
I will do what is right for me to do.
Guilt is a signal, but not a reason.

Guilt tells you there is a conflict,
But that should not be a surprise
Because there is almost always
A conflict. Once you get used to

Doing what is true to oneself,
One will not be surprised by guilt,
Nor by the stronger sense of joy.
And also the guilt will grow less,

And the joy will grow more.
So don’t be afraid to do
What is right for you.
Do it every time,

And you will be happier with
Yourself and others.
You will accept your own faults
As well as the faults of others;

And you will acknowledge
Your own goodness,
As well as the goodness
Of everyone else.

This will bring you joy,
And you will bring joy
To the hearts of others,
As they participate in your goodness.