Dreaming of Tomorrow

“Walking down the street,
I see a beetle at my feet.
It talks to me sweetly,
Saying things I can’t believe.”

Waking in my bed,
I realize I dreamt of things
Hard to imagine now,
And even harder to believe.

Do you believe a beetle
Talked to me–sweetly, even?
It is hard to rationalize
Things we dream sometimes,

But if we don’t, what hope
Lies before us for better days?
What hope is there that we
Will become better?

What hope is there that we
Will achieve more than the past?
We must dream,
We must imagine things

That others say can’t be true,
Won’t ever happen,
Can’t ever happen.
We must defy reality

As we know it,
In order to discover things
That don’t exist
Until we dream of them.