Just Being You

Come closely so I can see you,
Feel you, touch you.
Are you like me, so candidly?
You are special!

We come from the same tree.
You look like me.
We are friendly family.
Don’t you see what I mean?

Would you like to run with me?
Would you like to go on a spree?
Come with me, silently,
And we shall see, so carefully.

What adventure will come next?
What trouble is there here
That we can get into?
We’ll stir something up!

Let’s go together up the hill,
Wrestle on the grass,
In the meadow.
You are such a funny fellow!

You are a close friend.
When I think of the end,
I hope that you will be there
With me to keep me sane.

How I dread that day,
But if you are there, I can bear it.
If you are with me,
I can do anything!

Thank you so much
For just being you!