Enabled. A twist and turn. Cloaked

Returns unconvincing. Views

Overlapped. Spunk. Full of pride.

How in the hell can you be sure?

Trust depleted, unfollowed 90%.

Full of shit, or not interesting.

Betrayal comes in crowds.

They strengthen in numbers,

As their gossip builds, so does

Their bad attitudes. Judgement

Consumes all in its path. A lie.

Mind Games

How’s the able kid fetch in’?

Labels, all labels. Mistletoe.

Compliments and games.

Wine and cheese. Bread and

Water would be better, for

Most people, like me. Chocolate!

Unable to resist. They know this.

They have you wrapped around

Their little finger. Come! Find

The ambrosia you have been

Denied. The gods declare it so.

Find me in the clouds. Find time

To socialize. A meek perusal,

Nothing big, just a few hundred

Returning soldiers. Nothing

To worry about. And if there was

Anything amiss, we’ll keep things

Under wraps for now. I’m sure

You understand. A happy man

Is just one that never gets caught.

The Gathering of Servants

Large needs sometimes

Bridge gaps, between those

Who would not otherwise

Socialize. Needs bring together

All classes, races and ages

Of those who aspire to be servants

To their Lord, by lowering

Themselves to the lowest of the

Low. Who will be first?

Which Bucket Are You In?

Accept some beef or pork versus

Chicken or fish, what’s the

Difference? Black or white,

Man or woman, anything!

It’s all the same, the world is full

Of plurality, variety, so many.

Why is it so hard for us to open

A place to everyone? Such a

Painful process, for all involved.

And the powerful don’t seem to

Merit their position, sometimes.

Damn it, just call it like it is!

Why can’t we be rational,

See it like it is, not as our bigotry

Twists it into being? It’s so

Simple, yet so hard to convince

People who think the same way

We do, but maybe not. Maybe,

There is money running the show,

Behind the scenes, naturally.

Like lobbyists bearing gifts

To government officials, maybe

Bishops are concerned about

Wealthy parishioners. Who knew?


Resist come close honk believe mere not

Run, run, run! Oval mint tribe cute tangle

Nervous weird quality cadaver maneuver 

Angel yuck port emblem stock kite class

Prevent hack cackle grease drink wallet

Bread veal poop rake topple rewind wire

Tools xylophone fought wall caught weep

My Covenant Prayer

I used to make plans,

To dream, to covet things,

To see myself in powerful places,

But now, I want to be

Wherever you put me,

With whom it is,

Even if it is so painful,

That I can barely stand it

(You have been there),

Even if I am unemployed,

Or employed for you, only,

At the bottom of a pit,

With not much to live on

(Sometimes it seems that way),

Or feeling lost, abandoned,

Meaningless, wandering,

With no purpose,

I give you all that I have.

We belong to each other.

I rely on you for everything.

Let this earthly covenant

Be ratified in heaven.



Lever smooth angel camera talent tease

Crave ache cheese quiet waste putrid

Koala beep mere vault peek grains fear

Tarantula weeping year grants depend

Career grieve punch joke hemp brawl

Piling grease tax zap kicking present fit

Crease temple reach deepening seep all