A Detestable Creature

God Nothing, Stands down for me.

Owing nothing, just the same,

I make a buried claim for nonsense

To be meaning for my mind,

Medicine for my soul.

In the end I cry out,

Why have you done this to me?

Put me here without a clue,

Trapped underneath the weight

Of my self-consciousness,

Losing every day,

More and more, my will to live,

My simple willingness to reach out,

My trust in my fellow human being,

My capacity to feel secure,

In anyone else’s presence,

In my own thoughts, a terror,

To be known, experienced,

In the company of innocents,

For I consider myself a crudely shaped,

Ugly imposter, whose only justice

Is to be tortured to death,

A truly shameful act,

For a shameless, detestable creature.



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A Troubled Mind

Training one’s mind to not think in

Circles can be tricky if one is focused on

Other things, besides what is happening

At the present moment. Sometimes, we

Get trapped in the past or the future, and

We forget to enjoy right now, we lose any

Effective concentration, and short circuit

Our ability to communicate with the ones

Around us who really count. We also do

Not tell ourselves what we need to hear,

That times of trouble will pass, or have

Passed, and that we will be okay. Either

We will survive, or we will not, but

Neither result is reason to fear. As the

Apostle Paul wrote, “Oh, Death, where is

Thy sting?” So many things cause us fear,

And yet most of it is an illusion. As FDR

Said, “We have nothing to fear, but fear

Itself!” Those are truly words to live by.