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Helmet walkathon running cycle sleuth

Smooth breathing Rorschach benevolent 

Pathological umbrellas circumnavigate



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Yum ain’t no thumb rum because she has 

All marksmanship sports inside her small

Precious mind blown by thighs hips cries

Just You

I was at a party

And three of my ex-girlfriends

Showed up.

I knew I was in trouble then.

But you weren’t there yet

And one kissed me on the lips

And covered my face

With all her lipstick.

I panicked then,

And asked my friends

To run interference,

As the other two arrived.

Just then, I saw you,

And I couldn’t wait

To run to you

And tell you

Just how beautiful

You are to me,

How all my dreams came true

When me became we

And how I’ll never want

Another hand

In mine.

Just you.

When I hear your voice

It’s like the clouds

Opened up

And sunshine’s bathing on me.

And when I feel you close

I want to touch

I want to feel

I want to know

You feel the same

About me.

I am yours

Like I said at the beginning.

And I’ll never want

Another hand

In mine.

Just you.