Tribe Martians

Tribe north arrange elevation
Collate Arabian topple creases
Tack tubes orange ant ticks
Tear tree ventilating orb reaching

Port power packs prevent pushing
Pick prepubescent pinwheel piles
Yank yams Ill ink ear ends oinking
All exactly before jail runes about

Letter quotes heavy harassing hankies
Like loud leaves leaving underneath
Pouring pills miffed whipped weak
Tea bag dead Zoroastrian Martians


Captured Lips

Captured cranky clothes pins
In angel garb on rye toast.
Sweater heads leave elbow twisters
Inside Fallopian dudes.

However you slice the repeat baskets,
The mane combs backwards.
Stalactites cover my inner rainbow
On African teepees with blender rips.

Ancient Batman reels quit couches,
But various cake slippers tangle.
Preventing toward trench apples
Is a nippy homestead tendril.

Wooing red X-ray vipers is close to
Happy manger arm bands.
Pictures puréed with peach dust
Wrap barf jam under cackle lips.

Sinking tiddlywinks

Take it to the drift

Mark the stop on

The leaf for creep down.

Closed elbow strains


Allowed to space

Corvette sleep tongs

Claim wrapped creation

Story-time sailboat arrangements.


Meandering across the rank

Reactors around sleepy minks.

Able slip ankles map orders

Towards apple angels can’t.


Tween capable quiet cords

Keep quite cake walk moping

Murder reels around sweeping

Quarters stinking stilted forks.


Enable keel marks cleaving

To clinging sappy surrounds

Working teepee feelings on

Top of sinking tiddlywinks.




Happy go freaky funhouse
Ringling Rambos reality-checking
Resides in realms too dark
To compromise about.

Sappy soft silk slippers
Soaked in dark chocolate syrup.
Send the lieutenant to training school,
I say. That’s the ticket!

So many strong resemblances
Of rowdy rejects raping villagers
While smiling ear-to-ear!
Shoot them all, I say!

Run them through,
Step on their heads,
Castrate the devils!
Throw them to the lions!

So what else is new?
Such seeking repairs
From the juggling pairs!
I like pears to eat!

So many bears sinking through hairs
Around the walls of sticky sorts.
Tangled teasers stinking around
Stay sworn to loyalty to go.

So do you run to and fro
When they call your name?
I run anyway,
Whether or not they call my name.

It’s all the same, really.
Swords slit the throats of sordid angels
And bugs converge on them.
And what is left? Filth!

Four quiet koala bears hopping along
In sleeping bags, wondering who
Will fight off the flu,
And who will say no to you.

Quivering stapler heads converge on queer rearranged ruckuses, still
Same strong realized rancor
Rudely roundhouses the real thing.

Stop taping my arm up, crackerjack joe!
Triumphing times over today,
So many simple sounds
Available for reckoning.

Blimp Simple

Blimp bounce barrel beep
Cringe cape corral cling
Creep kick keep tangle
Tickle type torch temper

Tap tick treat tarantula tramp
Stick stack stork sample
Sack sick psyche seek
Swap swing swat slinky

Wack womp wart whip
Reek route wriggle round
Wipe watch wrap ramp
Real rankle retake render

Remember reality realm
Retention wrinkle rape
Lip lap leave livid lack
Lose lame repeat well

Lean level keep quack
Quite crinkle kill step
Stamp steep straight strike
Streak steak sake simple

Hovering Now

Happy leaps cover frolicking weeps,
Colors turn this way and that.
Do you have the keys to reaping
Silent mutters in the dark?

Which one tells you what it’s worth?
Why are elbows sort of worse
In a salad seeping turf,
Leaving me to mine the earth?

How’s the weather where you are?
Asks the sleeping breeze to the gun.
When did clocks turn back the stars?
Why did where turn into when?

Will you come this way to sing
Lullabies to all my friends?
Shrug and give a hoot for me.
Angels wear your fine jewelry.

Real talks placed around the cape,
Mere wrongs close the gap to here.
Several words fall from the sky,
But only one when its time to die.


puke pat prevent power

penelope puss peep map

mud lead murder mick

sour sick slight tick

teach trite sip sock

allow toad lamp sort

cap pack sack read

emblem leave ladder

sear monster eat bounce

believe brave punk pure

delay down-size drink

delight sleet bear bunk

sunk eagle regal top

telepathy tease tension

tooth rabble marker

languid sell spar keys

move meek out weave

wear wonder wack well

rap like stipend stick

strike spike pack prick


Step close cry clap cleave keep

Koala cringe apple ape read defy

Click quick ate late rip rowdy rise

Lame reek lamb golf language

Kick stork mange morph angle

Sort sleep might clue map rent

Like lack wart tweezers sample

Sticker well sap pass growl into

Swarm wacko wheeze rat quaff

Left mellow wheat real mock

Tell teach steep never angel

Click duck drip sight marrow

Itch ripe loud microphone sick

Sat rack mack war leave lend

Wrap lend ouch meal sick mall

Ward mouth hack rich happy

Howdy mend slick much suck