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Life realm instigate withhold into

Nice entail rude sure lease tight not

Quite laud reap wall wipe sing mouth

Veer calliope X-ray zip vow eat endear

Psyche avalanche sight swallow even

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Ill ink white road meek slink confide is

Smite marsh mall mock wide fear flick

Abba mar much sweet scar feet tool

March ball beauty rib swear wack meal

Stipend weird walk flight smear watch

Mean slug flick mill swill feel wobble

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Punch fleet much switch cower yuck



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Yes poop shorts you sick rearrange

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Building get tree highway scenery

Laughing sort cloud saint sift stab yet

Written book ate restaurant slow slew

Parking slick start football yonder slot

Sticker tick stack under racket shoe cry

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Hat strange clue ack light muck move

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Matter moon yellow permanent rain

Peepers trolley pool pepper sleeve pic

Pencil socket cubit stool marker hoof


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Leave tube saint below render made

Orb mark mend elbow sob puff tub

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Leaf find quite paper proof still mine


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Caught taught rot apple ring sting

Blame aim lame tame came you

Ape tell melt hell ate rate do your

Label never when fight cable yonder

Cleave coo route yell well tell stipend

Real maneuver cling roof onto why

Wheel read clear queer rear rowdy

Cloudy clue might moor roar raid aid

Mall tall lull make rake cake quite my

Soot suit sweet mar war swear rude

Tool mull swallow claw swoon saber

Sweater follow quail search scale clip

Swipe manner peach cater maid mite


I’m going round and round and…

Hear that sound?

It’s my my mind self-destructing,

As it searches and searches

For some type of meaning.

La dee da, dum dee dum.

Of la be so tee lee.

Drank so much, I broke my knee.

Don’t you see? I peed, then he

Bashed my head in.

Are you coming?

I’ve asked you twice already!

Let’s go, let’s go!

I don’t have time

To get get drunk today.

Let’s just call it even and

Prickle find keen lied ride mine

Hide your find you’ve never been

To that castle in the sky.

The taste for lackadaisical is nothing

Short of crazy, isn’t it?

No, it makes sense, really.

It’s not having nothing to do

That we desire,

It’s not having anything that we have to do.

Right! That’s what I didn’t really

Mean when I did, I didn’t not.

Seen sobbing like a cat in heat.

Thrilled several funeral hills,

Piles and piles of immaculate style,

Riled unto my top size curvy spiral

Death camps, trees, fleas, just me,

How you treat me so lovely, in season,

You are so true so so so yes.

Freely bent sample echelon stick,

Smited like a tadpole wrench.

Wench-happy punch crunch, crunch.

What’s for lunch, munch, munch.

Life is slowly zipping foundling

Like able laughing realms ancient

Fracking value hemp dollar seeking

Wrap stack map quack lacking any

Tank hit hanky lanky animal stipend.

Century rewind behind you don’t!

Didn’t flee freely sounds of thunder

Clapping in my brain. Inject me.

Test the best with psuedophedrine.

Head-first worse a started rose grass.

House has to be the right one.

No, know, I don’t stow sex tapes.

Do you? No sly bones, thrown swiftly,

Into the alone, a sigh,  a dome.

Round and round, I search.


Sleepy sounds pound my enemy.

Talented crowded make sense of autonomy.

Creepy valves render useless caliopes,

Arguing statistical ambiguities around

Ugly contradictory pounding mangy

Wonder Woman manger spells.

I gather stipulations repeatedly.

Can you count the prurient, moody,

Amber, keen endings ordered obsessively?

Ponds prove puddle wrongs dangerously.

Underneath I feel the privileged wealthy.

Wrapping sloppy, poodle, crunchy

Tubular nonissue talking gingerly,

I saint you asunderously sheik loudly.

Wrongly, you travel cutely in off me.

I take marred proven quarterly,

Swimming desperately, hid popularly,

Cackle fought found wrecking bankerly.

Angelicly, you pour rendering sweetly.

Softly, we seep into sacks of waddling

Pungently, pregnant sloppy writerly.

Wrongly, in fact a factually stopping.

We deed cutely, soundly mopping,

Reinventing tepees, weeping sluggishly.


Stick upon smart angel stupid parking

Erector set salmon felt rainbow melt

Ralph rude California apple talent shows

Cleaving to passageways underneath

Grand Canyon powder puff cute pockets

Kickstart queasy marked benevolent

Alphabet painkillers tae kwon do

elephant passions virulent beans

Sock hop teeny boppers queen bees

Swiped odor quality empowered deep

Developer disdain mane barf sounds

Sleep saints moved ancient sleet mark

Mood pops seedy liver send off maps

Slid bungee jumping key swat peeps

Sage called forge flat onto coughs

Salient Martian valorous maniacal

Murder click punch poop symbols


Delight doom deed real muppet

Mouth quarter map tell ape take

Lend ordinance keep create leak

Asunder seek made sack more

Make sake walk mood evil murder

End laid endear read cane meek

Age said root pop model word nick

Ate lid far nick sell wad lob lock cook

Mock rot mull look sit sick roll apple

Floor more murky bottle meter muffle

Doodle muck people daddy rainbow

How angel seam aching stable rack

Tacky teepee about near theft track

Seed render reindeer talking blanket

Beer satchel purpose training meddle

Rambling Reflections

Packed prevent attack tacked on

Taste waste find friends bend not

Mend yourself tend to trite concerns

Lie your truth a mess test the list goes

On and on lasts forever tinker tell

Well right you might be you are wrong

So silently rank and detain file stick

Lacking in step lock your doors

Demand a tour round and rind real

Divulge peel ding dang strange Ralph

Linger tingle triangle whoosh liven up

Your Christmas tree gatherings with

Torches to burn them at the stake

Why not you are a good and

Upstanding KKK supporter,

You pay your dues,

You lynch right from the pew,

You falsify the truth,

You find a new way to justify a lie,

You run from the real reason

You believe the way you do.

Don’t we all? Well, maybe not,

But there are many like you.

They keep coming out of the

Woodwork around here,

It’s getting crazy!

Do you feel the tension?

Speak to me!

Tyrants and Tasmanian devil-

Worshippers contain a grain of truth,

But, no more, I’m sure.

We all grow apart eventually.

We all find other pursuits

To tickle our fancy.

I want to wet my whistle.

Let’s call a truce between the youths.

Let’s make up rays of sunshine Blues.

Let’s tease the bit of softening blows

To the head, the throat, the back,

The lungs. Where do you like it?

Anytime. Anyplace. Wherever it’s

Convenient, of course.


Gala Baptist funeral dirge skeptic Apple life tied three
Loud lanky pissed-on camouflage tangled goose bumps
Trendy toppling cramps seaweed wise realms sagging
Bell bottom Sanka sweeping rowdy temple queens full
Filled to overflowing top of the mug shots simply rouge
Review rendered quack douche daring dimpled dead meat
Freed kicking you about three tables sinking envelop me
Wiring whacking me hurling mermaids freely queasy read
Rainbow tidy looming succulent saline restaurants slowly
Sinking sordid sweeping soothing weeping about me too
Steep Pete stand stiffly pleading for meager magnificent
Tricky sticky elbow sticky rude costly permanent tipping