Get a Piggy Back

Rage at the king, get a piggy back.

Reel in a mastadon, cage a queen.

Drag a poppy lark, seep a quandary.

Pop a quiz down the inlet,

Stripe a flame on the condo.

Rip a shredded beef, catch a pickled beet.

Jump to matching quartermasters,

Sing a soliloquy.

More’s the merry, quite to carry.

Lift a bunny head, bite an ear.

Pole a chopping block, suit a stranger.

Yellow upchucks, circle chainsaws.


Garbage Maker

Broken wagon, bumping along.

Syrupy servant, slave to the throng.

Apple core, garbage maker.

Slide down the chute, sweet as paper.

Eleven angels, swept away.

Sunny anthem, better day.

Eggshell happy, loud triumphant.

Nothing sacred, nothing wanted.

Up the downspout, close the question,

Get’r done. Put on headset.

Leave a jury, make a note.

Rally flurry, dig a moat.

Walking on Water

Walking on water

Is possible

If you are God,

But Jesus said

We would do

Even greater things,

With the power

Of the Holy Spirit.

It’s hard

To believe that, though,

When I get so caught up

In my own limitations.

Sometimes I wonder

If God can really use me.

But God used the apostles,

And they were

A ragtag group

If there ever was one.

But I am not a preacher,

Or a healer,

Or a teacher.

What can God

Do with me?