Post or die fluff the muff try again so strangulation

Pop goes the wiser aluminum sunglasses church on Tuesday promise?

Canticle no man’s land space and time wrapped in a bundle

Neither she nor he is transformed or a pedigree

The rest stand the test of petulance and geography

Womb south worms inside the other station can you piece together an authority?

Ample normal not a jungle no slaves no lies just nonsense and greed in your face

Envelope blues tried containment closer to the concubine cucumber slash moves

Animal doggerel smooth latte charge tweed moth


Ralph was running suddenly a space ship descended and he vomited then fell down.

Alice was keeping warm in a hot tub until a tarantula crawled onto her hand and she got

Scared that another person might be around or maybe not maybe just the spider and her were

There. Awesome words come from flaky people when there is a point to be made and everyone

Knows it. Even they can come up with a good one. I like cabbage fried with bacon and hoppin John

and pork loin marinated in tasty stuff what do you think about it? I like food but sometimes

my stomach revolts and says no and that is when it hurts. Gluten is an enemy and dairy milk too.