Floor rug used to be there now it’s laminate and tile cold floor cold on bare feet in slippers sometimes when it’s cold outside and sometimes inside

Too rarely we have a fire in the fireplace but not often she likes the fire to keep warm and to watch it and it’s toasty so sometimes I make it.

Pets we have lots dogs cats and birds they live indoors they stay here sometimes they go outside the yellow lab is a guide dog my wife is visually impaired so the lab goes to work with her every day sometimes we go on trips and the chihuahua comes too

We are going camping soon with her sister and her husband and I think they will bring their dogs too it should be fun I went camping with my family last year we had a good time we ate well. We went to a county fair there were cows and horses there were amusement rides and lots of food there was a car show too and big tractors.


Stove cook eat necessary live dog doesn’t mice aren’t welcome yard full of grass and dirt trees full of birds and squirrels nothing too strange road is busy sometimes but not often no sidewalks in my neighborhood wires across the yard from poles to houses maybe some are buried