Aunt Jemima Controversy Explained

The new name for Aunt Jemima is Pearl Milling Company. They are starting to switch everything over now, but the old label is still on some products for sale. The picture of the black woman character will be retired.

The brand basically exploited the blackface Mammy character of the motherly house slave that was popular in vaudeville. Not the best symbol. Have you ever read the autobiography of Malcolm X? Or seen the Spike Lee movie starring Denzel Washington? It’s really about a subconscious denigration of black women linked to their social position in slavery and later as housekeepers. White people used their power to institutionalize their social, economic and sexual position in society at the loss of black women. It may not offend most people because it’s so ingrained in our culture for black people, and especially black women, to be uneducated servants. It is a long history and there are still parts of the underbelly of our society in which it still rings true.

The history serves as an excuse and strength of argument and social attraction of black social and political groups like the Nation of Islam, which was in its heyday in the 1960s under Malcolm X. You should see the movie. It’s very entertaining, not to mention educating. The book is great too, written with Alex Haley, who wrote Roots. The controversy is not about who buys the product. It’s about the fact that a certain part of the population has been exploited and abused and a negative stereotype was used at their expense. It’s just wrong to use a name and likeness of a figure like “Aunt Jemima” to make money. It’s a part of the past that is shameful to all races and should be discouraged and put away to only learn from.


Wading across a boiling pool of volcanic lava

Wading across a boiling pool of volcanic lava, I realized my salvation in the tuna salad sandwich that closed in around me, chomping it’s metal jaws in time with the rock anthem, “We Will Rock You”. I traveled to the candy store at the grand opening to the opera house in Chinatown. On the way I came across a great white shark that was selling Nike tennis shoes to children.


Living is good. Living with wishing grows old. Wondering is confusing. Caring is nice. Downtime is a relief. Little ones are cute and sweet. Unhappy little ones can be stressful, crying and screaming and all. Cold takes its toll. It can be overwhelming. Sometimes I just want to get under a warm blanket and go to sleep. Sometimes rest is what I need. Honestly, I’m not lazy. I just get anxious when things are busy, or crowded, or loud. I like to have my old dog or my chubby cat cuddling with me. I’m starting to get old too. My idea of a good time is not as excitingly sounding as it used to be. I like a comfy chair and a good book. A hot iced cinnamon sweetbread is nice too.

Thoughts on a String

Stretch collocate living sprout leaves cabbage

Bacon black eyed peas bell pepper trees green

Back yard porch plants hard freeze drip faucets

Cold death cigarette pounce cats lizard roach

Play with their food torture leave apple crunch

Mixed nuts gorgeous limbs big oak Spanish moss


Post or die fluff the muff try again so strangulation

Pop goes the wiser aluminum sunglasses church on Tuesday promise?

Canticle no man’s land space and time wrapped in a bundle

Neither she nor he is transformed or a pedigree

The rest stand the test of petulance and geography

Womb south worms inside the other station can you piece together an authority?

Ample normal not a jungle no slaves no lies just nonsense and greed in your face

Envelope blues tried containment closer to the concubine cucumber slash moves

Animal doggerel smooth latte charge tweed moth