No, not now. I have buzzards to feed. I have a car to wash. I’m not sure where I left my wallet. Where did you go? Where am I? I like lasagna. Meatloaf is tasty. Won’t you stay a while? Let’s keep it together. Ripe. Loud sounds in my ears. Teeth swinging on the porch. I have ten thousand ears of corn to plant.


Christmas Mess

Christmas comes but once a year.

Once a year is more than enough.

Couldn’t we change it to every other year?

That would be more practical, I think.

It would fit my budget and my

Planning calendar better that way.

Couldn’t we carol every six years,

And maybe give gifts every ten?

Traveling, and standing in line,

Making a turkey, a ham, or both;

Oh, what stress I’m in just

Thinking about all the fun.

Holidays are never as

Wonderful as they are

Hyped up to be.

Christmas is a religious holiday,

At its heart. But it’s gotten

So commercial, or it’s a time

For family to gather,

Which means asking off of work.

Can my schedule fit

The schedule of everyone else?

Oh, what a mess!