Leaving You

Leaving you here.

Stop. I am here.

Close your eyes.

Come. Be with me.

Enveloped in the soft petals

Of a dwindling iris.

Tossing and turning

All night in my bed.

Realms unleashed.

Following you down,

Down the cold, dark steps,

Into the dungeon.

It is here,

Where madness thrives.

A small token

I leave with you—

Crumbs of bread

Falling into a withered hand.

Motions of Negativity

Lost in memories of yesterday.

Cringing from the pull

Of fantasy—not reality, no.

Something else begs me,

Oh, so tricky.

What can it be

That lies underneath

A gentle breeze—

So lovely,

In the afternoon—

Moves slowly,

Almost a cartoon personality.

Dreams cascade through

My view, though shattered be.

Collecting my thoughts, only

To see myself fall from pride.

Nature strikes me

With electricity.

My name moves.

My heart screams

In agony.

One more try,

One more day—