Laughing through the Tears

He was a funny guy.

He tried to understand,

And, if not, then

At least accept

Most people.

Some rubbed him the wrong way,

But if you needed him,

He was there for you.

And he could laugh it off,

If you were a bit odd.

Back in the day,

When we were housemates,

Then roommates,

He would chuckle at me,

Because I was book smart,

But I liked to dance at parties.

He usually passed

On the dancing,

But every now and then,

He could rock out.

He could be serious

When it came to prayer,

And knowing the Lord.

I know he prayed for me.

I’ll miss him.

Up to Heaven

Gentle as a doe,

Soft spoken and tender.

Loved to laugh

At a good joke.

Sincere for sure,

When life tested him.

Brave and honest,

Generous and loving.

A great friend,

When the chips were down.

A holy brother,

With support and caring.

We’ll miss you, man.

So much.