Come forward march to the seat of a different street come stoop to the poop lean on me rain on his preacher come I like strawberries in June without a reason come beat the Pete all through the meat through the sheet heat your seat with burning teat venom neat cancerous feet maneuvering come sweets on the tops of the hills random screams cut the ceiling ecstasy kneeling full of butter and meat full of sweat and sweets


Cracker silly bound liar medieval slow rage sleuth koala strange quill stooped very mop goop renew salad sticky whenever plopped voluptuous feet help yeast goose highest pen beasts future friendship jolly lean balloon bean dice thesaurus tentacles hen pitted lip stalling Japanese ken gist kicked boosts lob


Sax wheel mirror blame caught walk stain plea tree yea believe free venue seethe untie police freeze ain’t glue wheat blue hut hue clap Goliath dart hellion ruse polite prude up vendor find after wall low bob plop barf thesis bebop hefty collide fused very apple harrow glean perturbed jealousy markings jalopy fenced Yule drab yellow hint pulsed


Carry connect hold my hand touch lasting years and years empty nest from the start and to the end steering and accelerating to something out of reach stinging traveling driving sadness disappointment hope saving cuddling risking striving sacrifices cutting debt mania depression anxiety dementia delusions paranoia spending sticking close and up for each other helping losing happy


Happy tunes are whistled by the bellboy in the trump hotel he keeps a positive attitude despite the cynicism around him and the worldliness at every turn yes and lots of customers are rude and crass and demanding and impatient so it’s a tough job oh how the rich create their karma and sin is it’s own punishment hell and heaven are inside our heart and mind the gates are everywhere and every decision you make takes you through the door and into a new reality yes it’s your choice it’s waiting for you


Life is precious even though sometimes you are alone and sometimes it feels like garbage so tell them you love them and if they give you something tacky just remember they meant well and if they get too excited just help them calm down and tell them to keep their shirt on and chill out and all that jazz.


Give of yourself yes it’s that time of year when cookies and candy and sweet flowing punch get passed around and all the family gives hugs and kisses and everyone is happy to see you and there is plenty for everyone more than enough in my life luckily and I have been privileged in my hemisphere to have all I need but doctors can’t always give you your health sometimes it takes a while to figure things out and sometimes you stay sick for months and if you’re lucky it stops