The Way

Stop saying you don’t know how you’ve got to give it a try it’s not that hard be a sport don’t be afraid of doing new things or doing old things in a new way you act like it’s bad you think it’s gross it’s for sinners no open your mind take eat this is my body which is broken for you take drink this is my blood which is shed for you he did not come for the righteous but the sick the blind the lame put your hand on my cloak and feel the power within you heal your wounds they shall do greater things the encourager will come alongside and be a friend to you believe in me tell no one follow be fishers of a different kind leave your home, your job, your family let the dead bury the dead oh why have you forsaken me I am the way


It would be a very nice thing yes it would be so nice to have a paddy cake with a magistrate onomatopoeia Hercules stanza stylistic random I would like two scoops of raisins please and a spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down give peace a chance why don’t you please come to my rescue go the distance pray for rain do you know what time it is does anyone really?


This is yes to fudge and milk and cream and sauce, to lasagna and oysters yes yes. Love to tell the story of mystical and glory. Fun yes fun is good to have great fun many times there was fun at Christmas and there was cake and milk and sauce and lots of cream and sugar. Do you like yours with cream and sugar yes it is time to celebrate the end is coming there is lots to do but only in reverse no nothing now but resting and sleeping and whining and weeping it is closing they are closed to the public out of business nothing doing I have a headache dear that is true not tonight I’m tired it’s been a long day snore.