Do you know the story it itches I don’t care come with me the end is the beginning it’s not fair in the end volleyball stick capsized there can be only one the death is backwards she’d a tear my feet hurt I ha e a backache where did I put my wallet I’m coming home where are you going I’m sorry for your loss


Now, This Is Only Temporary

Chaos disorder atheism paganism idol worship Unitarianism universalism postmodern Dadaism theft alcoholism junkies prostitution paganism drug abuse workaholics judgement exclusion interruption abortion adultery betrayal cheating doping burglary murder torture war kidnapping drunkenness death extortion incomplete left off missing taken dropped assassination usery manipulation suicide tough suffering rape starvation orphans widows prisoners homelessness poverty cults divisiveness separation divorce schism illness maimed pestilence disease thirst boils darkness foul rotten disgust