Car Crash Fever

Car crash fever,

Totaled now.

Such a teaser,

Go to the show.

Saw one for only

Seven thou-.

Miles on it,

Hundred fifty thou-.

Wonder what

You’d think is best.

What I need

Is just a rest.

First I’ve got

To buy a car.

Then I’ll think

About tomorrow.


Shopping sequel pizza triangular comma

Talented quietude visceral boathouse we

Hello mighty morph queen hat coolest it

Pollution radio geese green yellow tanks

Pony try dead but booth justice ready up


A piano-worth of weight

Pulls me down into a chasm.

I speed through the depths,

Falling in freezing wind.

I scream,

And my voice is swallowed up

By the mountain around me.

Tears run down my face,

When I hit the ground.

My legs have collapsed beneath me.

I cannot stand the force of the impact.

No one knows I am here.

I’m alone and broken.

What will I do?

In Search of Serenity

Coasting comfortably on the caress of clouds.

Reaching for meaning in every breath.

Thinking of the crowd of witnesses,

Their tender hands outstretched with love.

Is there truth that surpasses understanding?

Is there hope amidst these evil days?

I count the steps to reach your door,

Yearning for rest, bidding to journey no more.

Only a promise from the precious few

Can treat the soreness of a broken soul.

Come, join the chorus, summoning grace

From the bright heavens above.