Pull a Load Down a Road

Hanging from a cliff,

I look down and ponder the drop.

Looking up, I wonder if I could jump.

I check my arm, and I feel a lump.

Go team! Run down the road.

Get ready to pull a load.

Do you know the secret

Of the Winnie the Pooh?

Do you feel the heart

Of the country in your blood?

Do you see the end

Of the second chance mold?



I’m laying here, feeling warm,

Wondering what my family and friends

Are up to. What do you want for

Christmas this year? It’s cold in the

House, but Ronnie just turned on the

Heat and I’m under a blanket. Tandy

Was laying on my stomach for a few

Minutes, but then she ran off. Now she’s

Sniffing around for anything she can

Scavenge off the floor. Stella is barking

And whining to come in. She acts like

Someone’s torturing her. Jackie just let

Her in.