To survive,

The ultimate challenge,

In the face of adversity.

A voice calls

From deep down inside,

Crying for strength,

And loyalty to one’s own


Gather family and friends

To build support.

Make a plan

And carry it out,

Step by step,

To the summit

Of victory.

Nothin’ Past

Burn it away into oblivion sink it down

Push it inside out turn the space into the

Hole trace it back and start all over again

Train is ragin’ down those old tracks can’t

Stop it now no turnin’ back no nothin’ past

Two Inches of Cats

Who’s gonna buy me two inches of rain and

Two inches of cats? Clay tablets on a

Mountainside slide slowly down to conk

Someone on the head. I wish Coca-Cola

Would put a tiger on their cans; they’d sell

More that way.

Cheese and Crackers

Flung famished fortune cookie peddlers

Crossed a busy highway on their little bikes,

And ended up falling into a great big mud

Puddle full of ducks and geese. Cheese and

Crackers are tasty in the morning after



Birds swoop underneath forks and spoons

Full of spaghetti. Haunted houses collide

With wrecked cars on empty highways in

The middle of the howling, angry night. I

Had hoped I would get more money when I

Placed my bet at the ATM. Here’s to cheers!