Such A Waste

Shake do right strictness control

Only a spouse not a friend not family

Just a spouse so what does that mean

I let you drown and leave you to die

Of all the wounds you inflict on yourself

A rocky road I know but I care which is

More than I’d say for most I only want

What you want but I can let it go and be

with you on rules if they’re explained

And if I don’t like it might break my

Heart but if that is what I need you need

They need we should stick together go

Far then drop down into the trees to rest

No drama no worries might work you will

Be respected which is important like all

Those commercials it’s your body it’s

your right to do with as you please all in

Start again on the right foot second

chances all in we’ve got so much privilege

As a country and as a race we should do

Something positive with it such a waste

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger

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