Pain shame fear restlessness torment

A conscience blown to bits by one trusted

And another, but a stranger that night,

For a few hours, just, lingering

Both gaining steam from expression,

Building over time, a disgust,

All considered, unhappiness, but,

It must include, judgment.

Early on, I pushed and prodded,

Coaxed and manipulated, like these

Masters of the art, then, reality.

Cruelty and slavery, sexuality,

If only it wasn’t too late for the show.

We requested a few moments alone

To discuss our options,

Any supplies needed, prejudices included.

A difficult position to be in,

I knew I’d be chosen, eventually,

He knows you will give a go ahead.

He knows you won’t report, or does he?

In the Light

It must be nice, to wear whatever fits,

And still look spectacular.

It must be nice, to show yourself off

To the rest of the world, for any excuse.

How does it feel, to be used for your body,

Treated like an object, a toy, a decoration?

We’re all pulled in, to believe the lies

About beauty and happiness.

Solomon had every woman around,

Being a king, with power and wealth.

But he concluded that having it all

Is meaningless, just an ego trip.

If you want happiness, look inside.

You’ll find a hurting child,

Desperate for attention, love and value.

Then take that child by the hand.

Lead her to the safety, security,

Wisdom and healing power

Of a loving Father, who does not judge,

But forgives, and will hold her

In his arms, until she cries it all out,

And then starts to trust him,

A little more each day, through all

The storms of life that come.

She will be ready, for she will know,

The battle is the Lord’s, not hers.

She only has to trust him,

And walk in his light.