What We’re Given

Seeking income, running down.

Meeting challenge with no frown

Hiding us within your fur.

We sit back without a stir.

You fought hard for all of us.

Your right hand, especially.

I tried hard to measure up.

Comes with stuff, as Dennis says.

We’ve been through a lot these years.

All that’s happened testing tears.

Putting our shoulder even to

Jobs got done, and people, too.

Never thought that I’d give out

Before the day that you gave up.

Let them drag the whole concept

Into the ground on which they slept.

Times are hard under this toad.

Old things stay around until

The new things come and they are told

Eat what you can, when you can,

Solid gold.

Money flows back in spades.

We don’t see it, but we just

Keep on giving, how we’re raised.

Heaping coals upon their heads.