A Stirring Mind

Making music with my mind
Comes naturally to me.
I say a word, and then it flows.
Another step into the absurd.

Rhyming, rhythm, alliteration.
Catching thoughts of my generation.
Dumping it all into the page.
How I sing, how I rage!

Every line upon a page.
Simple thoughts, feelings, too.
Sometimes I am feeling blue.
It comes out, then points on through.

Makes you think, makes you cry.
I am just that kind of guy.
Some complain, some don’t like it.
Some choose to deny it.

Do you see the way it’s true?
Do you think it’s true for you?
Hoping now to ring a bell.
In your head, I stir up hell.

Let’s meet up in another place.
Let’s continue to keep the pace.
I will speak, and you will listen.
Then we’ll switch to another position.

Back and forth, we’ll discuss
What you like, and how you’ll fuss
About the things you can’t stand.
I will be a humble man.

So, is it a deal? Are we a team?
It’s easier than it would seem.
Hold my hand and bend an ear.
I will read it now, right here.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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