Football All Season


Amazing, how
Football teams can
Come together,
Beat each other to a pulp,
And someone wins.

It really is
To watch.
But why do we
Do it?

Why do we
Cheer them on,
As injury upon injury
And all we really

Care about,
If we’re honest,
Is who comes out
On top?
It’s really a shame.

What if we
Pumped all this money
That goes into
Into academics?

Or, better yet,
Maybe we should require
Football players
To do community service,
So, just maybe,

They also learn
The value of
Maybe at halftime
They should take a collection,

Like they do at church,
And send the money
To feed and clothe
Underprivileged children
In the inner cities

Of the United States.
Maybe they could fund
A free education
For kids all over
Our country

That have to give up
Their dreams of college,
Because their families
Have hit hard times.
Could it happen?

Probably not.
We love violence
Way too much.
We love a fight.
We like to watch.

We want to be
We want to be
From our boring lives.

What has happened
To our great country?
We’re fat and happy,
Or we’re suffering
And crushed.

We don’t see the forest
For the trees.
So, we’ll just
Spend more,
And care less,

For each other,
And not care at all
For those that do not have
What we have.
Are we confused?


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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