Play Time!

Yippee cay yea, it’s time to play!
Bouncing around the living room,
My chihuahua and four pound kitten
Tackle and chew on each other

‘Til someone gets enough and
Makes a break for higher ground.
Charlie, the fuzzy orange kitten,
Jumps on the back of Tandy,

Digging his claws into the chihuahua’s
Shoulders, then bites her on the cheek.
Tandy reaches up a long, skinny leg
And pushes Charlie to the floor,

Wrapping her jaws around Charlie’s
Sweet little face. Up come Charlie’s claws,
Grabbing Tandy’s face, and tugging her
Down again! Back and forth,

The adopted siblings play, ’til someone
Has enough, and runs away.
Ah, to have the simple, luxurious life
Of a well-cared for pet! If only!


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

2 thoughts on “Play Time!”

  1. This is definitely written from the viewpoint of your pets. My cats Sylvester & Weezer love having kitty playtime late at night or very early in the morning. Sylvester also loves for me to play Fetch with his little toy mouse. Maybe he’s part dog!! LOL!!

    Yes our pets are living the good life eat, play, sleep if only we could have carefree lives like our furry friends. Every whimsical imagery. Great poem!

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