How are you today?
I’m fine so much you say.
Are you gay?
No way, I’m straight!

Did you catch the finger
Flying in the air?
Did you see the star
Fall from the sky?

I am one in three,
Not three in one.
I am someone
Very lively.

How is me?
Me is good.
So well you be?
Yes, quite well,

Thank ye.
Are you my friend?
Yes, friends we be.
Slowly, I hear

The clock ticking
In my ear,
Loudly now.
It takes me out of here.

Are you queer?
Well, sometimes
I might seem so,
But how I smile

Ear to ear!
Are you here?
I am near,
You say softly.

I like it here.
It is soothing.
Warm and soft,



Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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