Girl of Mine

Would you like to go
With me to the circus show?
Would you like to walk
Through the woods and talk?

Why don’t we
Choose to agree
On a plan to meet
And share a treat?

Let’s go swimming in the pool!
We can play and act the fool!
Or let’s go to the beach!
We can lay on a towel and eat a peach!

If that doesn’t
Sound very fun,
We can go to the country
And run and run!

I am now so bored of life,
With all its trouble and bitter strife.
Maybe we can think of something
To take our minds off darker things.

I would like to go on a trip,
To hold a piña colada and sip
All my worries away.
Yes I would then be so gay.

What would you like to do?
Maybe rent a boat to Timbuktu?
Or maybe catch some great big fish
Or bake a cake and make a wish?

When life tends to bring me down,
I take action and go to town!
I dream big things, and yearn to escape!
I go to the jungle, and play with the apes!

Let’s create a big adventure!
Let’s light a fire and burn the censors!
Let’s paint a picture, and drink to Picasso,
Or go to a ranch and learn to lasso!

There are just so many ways
To entertain ourselves these days!
We can go to Paris and play
In the museums, then stay up late!

Or maybe I’ll just stay here,
Take a nap, or drink a beer.
I’ll lay back and take it slow.
I’ll just relax, and go with the flow.

That would be much simpler
Than trying to go out with her.
I don’t need to have a plan.
I don’t need to prove I’m a man.

Let’s just chill for the night.
We don’t need to fuss and fight.
We don’t need to go out.
We don’t need to sing and shout.

Does that sound better to you?
Would you like a Mountain Dew?
I will leave you to yourself.
I’ll put this mood on a shelf.

I’ll save it for a sunny day,
When you want to go out and play.
We can make it work just so.
We will not go to and fro.

Maybe this is for the best.
I will catch up on my rest.
See you later, girl of mine.
We’ll get together some other time.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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