Bloom in Any Weather

Iron sunflower stands tall above all.

Greets the small and greets them

Well.  Metal monster sets the stage.

Not much paint, but who needs

Decoration when you stand in the

Wind and rain, tornados, too!

Creatures can’t invade your walls,

Except the ones that are real small.

A tower of strength sets the stage.

The power of age resides true power.

What it’s seen in all these years,

Older than any tree around here.



Mag 76

Magpie Tales



Our Own Traveler

Every day

We find our rhythm

In much the same routine.



We meet different people

That color our lives


With dignity and love,

And leave a lasting impression.

These instances are rare.



We go round in circles,

Making our indentation


In life, the world and time.

Like a beautiful sea shell

We become a treasure


Through our experiences,

Our relationships,

And our gifts.



(Magpie Tales,

Mag 69)


Awaiting the Night

I wonder, as I sit here,
Humoring this fool,
Who keeps himself entertained,
With his scientific pursuits,

Should I be participating?
That musician is just as
Guilty as I am,
Strumming away as if

Nothing wrong is happening.
It’s obvious!
This fair maid is being kept
Hostage for his amusement!

We are being paid,
But she has no choice
In the matter.
And look at her!

She’s terrified!
He serves her with meat
As if a guest,
While she counts the

Seconds until he gets
Tired of his stupidity,
Sends us home,
And escorts her to

His chambers,
Where, just as she fears,
He will ravish her
With all his brutish strength.

We should stop it!
We should call the
City guards to lock him up,
And keep this sweet,

Innocent virgin
From such a sinister,
Grisly attack.
There are some things

That just should not
Be done in this world,
And having money,
Should not make it right!


(Magpie Tales: Mag 67 (visual)