Follow the Spirit

Contradictions amidst the scriptures

Make religions fall to their knees,

While spirits laugh and dance a jig,

Singing melodies in our ears.

Should we listen to the wisdom

That our traditions tell us to?

Or maybe step onto the water,

As Jesus calls us to only trust him?

Faith is not a concrete thing.

It lives and breathes.

It moves constantly.

To align ourselves with God’s spirit

Is to step out into the unknown.

There is no certainty with God.

We cannot know all the answers,

So why judge others

Who are different from us?

Though they follow a different path,

Perhaps they walk with God as well.

We will never know where they’re headed.

Not until the end of time.

So, just love others as Jesus called us.

Lay down your burdens at the riverside.

Take each step in fear and trembling,

For you know not what tomorrow brings.

Trust the Father to guide you through it,

And the Son, to wipe away your sins.

You are loved, no matter what,

And forgiven, for all time.

So follow the spirit, as it guides you.

Bless as many as you can!

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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